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Introduction to Dr. Fit Vege High Fiber:

Edible fibre is generally known as "dietary fibre". It is made of complex carbohydrates and other natural polymers such as xylogen. This fibre can be digested by the enzymes in human body. They can only be broken down partially into polysaccharides.

The fibre found in food used to be considered useless "residue" as it is not a source of energy and will also reduce the bioavailability of nutrients.

Daily intake of dietary fibre:
- American Association for Cancer Research --------------- 25-30g/day
- American Diabetes Society --------------- 40g/day
- American Dietetic Association --------------- 20-35g/day

It is known that the recommended intake of dietary fibre should be around 25-40g per day.
According to a recent study on nutritional health, the average intake of roughage is only about 13~14g per person.

The increasing level of food processing has resulted in reduced amount of fibre in food. According to an epidemiological study, dietary fibre intake is linked to the risk of colon cancer. Colon cancer is number three on the top ten list of cancers in the country. Apparently, many people do not get enough supply of dietary fibre in their diet.

Dr. Fit Vege High Fiber (6 beneficial effects):
1.   Improve complexion & reduce weight.
2.   Oligo saccharide
3.   Spirulina
4.   Fruits & vegetables.

The ingredients of Dr. Fit Vege High Fiber:
1.   Psylliun Husk
2.   Slim down the body.
3.   Enhance bodily functions.
3.   Maintain a healthy intestinal tract.
4.   Get rid of bowel waste.
6.   Increase probiotic bacteria in the intestines.

People with the following symptoms/conditions may benefit from
Dr. Fit Vege High Fiber.
1.   Constipation & Piles.
2.   Sensitive To Insecticides/Pesticides.
3.   Like Eating Oily Food.
4.   Maintain Body Figure.
5.   Practise Weight Management.
6.   Obesity.
7.   Indigestive (Too Plump Or Too Skinny).
8.   Tend To Put On Weight Due To Binge Eating.
9.   Irregular Bowel Movement.
10.   Inadequate Fibre Intake Due To
On-The-Go Lifestyle.
11.   Like Eating Snacks.
12.   Painful Menstruation & Irregular Periods.
13.   Conscious About Nutrition & Health.
14.   Menopause Problems.
15.   Hypertension And Hypotension.
16.   High Cholesterol Level.
17.   Diabetes.
18.   Kidney Diseases.
19.   Poor Gastrointestinal Functions.
20.   Vascular Sclerosis.
21.   Skin Diseases.
22.   Rheumatism.
23.   Arthritis.
24.   Pimples, Freckles, Age Spots.
25.   Sexual Dysfunction.
26.   Conscious About Beauty.

Effects of taking Dr. Fit Vege High Fiber:
Normal reactions:
Short-term consumption (after 1~7 days)
1. Increased amount of stool and frequency of bowel movements. Accumulated stool (dark brown with stinky smell) will be discharged.
2. Excessive gas build up in the stomach and bowels, breaking wind frequently Adjustive reactions of toxin removal & colon cleansing.
3. The stool floats onto the surface, looks yellowish brown. No harmful reactions and effects after toxin removal.

Mid-term consumption (after 7~30 days)
1. Bowel movements back to normal. Toxins in various tissue, organs and blood are reduced. Increased content of oxygen. The body will look and feel better from inside out.
2. Started cleansing the blood. The toxins in the body is reduced significantly. More radiance and shine on the face and other parts of skin.
3. Immediately minimizes the amount of toxins formed in the intestinal water and the mixture of stool for a long time.

Long-term consumption (above 30 days):
1. Toxins in the body are removed.
2. Show excellent results in combating and preventing various diseases of civilization & chronic diseases. Regain health, youthfulness & beauty naturally. Enhance immunity.
3. Most symptoms of diseases will disappear in no time after the toxins are removed and the body composition is improved. Those who do not show apparent reactions means their body is working fine to rectify itself and help enhance the immune system. All the internal organs will function more efficiently. Keep on taking the product daily to get rid of toxins, maintain a balanced nutritional intake. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so let health, youthfulness and beauty become parts of your wholesome lifestyle.

Direction of use:
Add 200~250ml of lukewarm water into a sachet, mix well and drink instantly. Or blend into fruit juice & vegetable juice. Within1/2 hour, make sure to drink an equivalent glass of plain water. Recommended dosage for adults is twice a day (morning & evening) without meals.

Can be mixed with your favourite drinks such as soya bean, fruit juice, vegetable juice & honey. Drink plenty of water (3000ml) when taking Dr. Fit Vege High Fiber, to enhance the effect of product.

Best taken 1/2 hour before meals or without meals.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

- Pregnant women and patients with symptoms such as dysentery, vomiting, stomach ache, allergic diseases and rectal bleeding are advised to consult their physicians before taking the product.

Content: 12g X 15 sachets

Dr. Fit Vege High Fiber
is a natural supplement without preservative, seasoning, colouring, artificial fragrance or other chemicals. The formula is free of cholesterol, fat, excessive saccharin or salt. Hence, it is suitable for long term consumption without causing side effects. Beneficial for all, especially the elders, the middle-aged, teenagers, the beauty-conscious and the health-conscious.